your Trusted Advisor and Trainer
to bring out Your fullest Best Self 
as Organization, Team and Individual 


we wingman you with
Heart, Mind, Body and Soul 
to ensure your Progress and Impact 

We engage your Uplift, Connect, 
Energy and Consistency for Lasting Impact  

Our WHAT  

  • Together we crystalize clarity of your inner core
    Deep Intent 
  • With clarity of WHO you are and WHY you are together as team and organization
  • With practice in vibrant and deliberate energy in HOW you live out the deep intent
  • With consistency in WHAT you
    SayDo, and Appear 

You become capable to deliver 
and repeat great and 
trustworthy actions and results 

This is easy to say…yet, 
an Art to Perform. 
This piece of Art we support 
you in manifesting. 

Getting ahead of the Curve

The modern World of Complexity 
and Transparency on one hand 
and Nature on the other
call upon 
Multidimensional Leadership 
to be in balance in individuals, 
teams and organizations,  

  • Who are able to make the Here-and-Now and Longterm Choices in the Moment of Truth 
  • Who lead with Meaning, Navigate and Stay Connected, Resourceful; 
  • Who are Creative, Curious, Learning, Optimistic and Collaborative, no matter what 
  • And who are bravely daring, fulfilled and whole in the winds of change 

“May your choices reflect your hopes and dreams, and not your fears”

– N. Mandala

Merete Laursen Counseling

Multidimensional Leadership

Merete Laursen

Merete Laursen

CEO / Founder


Mobile: +45 2036 9125

E-mail: merete.laursen@mlc.design

Our Deep Intent 

to inspire to navigate from highest intent in self and others  
to balance PURPOSE  Com-PASSION – PEOPLE – PLANET  POSSIBILITIES – PROFIT- PROGRESS in people and organizations 


inspiration  intent – integrity – intuition – in sync– impact 

Our Ways of Being  

 Live trust and integrity as the glue of professional and personal life 
Engage heart, mind, body, and soul from inner world and connect to vibrant energy in outer world 
 Lights up from latest Neuro and Social Science, Jungian Archetypes, Ancient Wisdom Cultures, Mother Nature, and more in an authentic approach 

 ” Your vision will become clear only 
when you can look into your own heart 
Who looks outside, dreams 
Who looks inside, awakes”

C.G. Jung