Our competencies

Evolve around systematically crafting the Art of HUMAN CONNECT to 

  • Bring Clarity and Meaning to and ignite the individual contribution  
  • Bring Connect to the Deep Intent, the WHY of the team and organization 
  • Engage Commitment and vibrant and deliberate Energy in HOW to live out the deep intent, 
  • Engage Consistency in WHAT to release in behavior, communication, decisions, and appearance 
  • Engage Capability to deliver and repeat great and trustworthy actions and results 
  • More than two decades of business psychological knowledge and expertise from corporate world and 4 years of business psychology development practice for individuals, teams, and organizations 

Previous positions: 

  • Corporate People Business Partnering at C-suite level of corporate TOP 10 global reputation brand.  
  • Heading Global Leadership Development in TOP 10 global brand 
  • Pathfinder, Group Dynamics, Dynamic Coach, Developing Extraordinary Leaders at Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, Servant Leadership 


Individual Dynamic Coaching 

Trusted Advisor 

Team Dynamic Development 

Organizational Dynamic Development