This is what our

Partners say

“We had the great pleasure of having Merete 
facilitate a 14 hours team session, and with  
the energy she generated she made it 
feel like 20 minutes – we went from  
segregated and task-focused, to team 
and results-oriented.  
We increased the trust in our team  
by better understanding each other’s 
preferences and by learning 
the strength of showing vulnerability. 
We can truly recommend Merete; 
without her showing us the way 
of how to be vulnerable and  
pushing our beliefs, it would 
have taken us months or years  
to accomplish what we did in a day”. 

Merete is one of the most empathic
and skilled people consultants I know. 
The Way she professionally interacts 
with me and my employees have had 
a lasting and sustainable impact on 
the motivation in my team, and on 
our abilities to build trust, and 
communicate better. 
Merete is structured in her planning 
of team events, yet never too locked 
during execution. Merete is skilled in 
navigating intuitively and improvise 
when a situation calls for it, she is 
very likeable and present, when
presenting new theories or facilitating 
team training – leaving a lasting 
and god impression on me and my employees 

”Har været rigtig glad for samarbejdet med dig!  
Du har hjulpet mig med at se flere ting i et  
andet perspektiv og har faktisk dagligt gavn  
af det du har lært mig, både arbejds- og  privat relateret .”

The content was fantastic – right amount of detail.
I loved how you adapted to the dialogues that were 
going on and were able to switch between slides / 
change direction or focus in on one point according 
to the needs of the team. The exercises were really 
well put together and kept energy levels high all day 

Loved the different methods/exercises you used  
to explore ideas 

Always impressed by your energy levels, and the way 
you’re not afraid to challenge all of us – even the leader 

”Du er den som altid kan rumme forskellighed,  
og komme med input, som gør vi lige kæmper  
endnu en runde. Det er en evne som kun få besidder. 
At bygge strategi, engagement og  
få skabt retning omkring nye tiltag,  
har du en helt formidabel evne til at  
etablere. Du har skabt et fundament  
på retning, hvor vi som ledere kunne  
være i, og skabe energi omkring 

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Merete Laursen

Merete Laursen

CEO / Founder