Privacy Policy and Cookies

 When you visit then mlc will retrieve relevant personal data about you.  

mlc is obligated to inform you how we treat the personal data and about our use of Cookies. 

By mlc we mean the counseling company within People, Leader, Team, and Organizational Development. 

 Retrieval of information 

Some information is registered automatically because we know that you by visiting the home page will leave electronic marks. Practically the marks will be left as your browser automatically will send information to the server that mlc uses.

The electronic data marks that you leave behind are

  • Your IP- address 
  • What browser you are using 
  • Your Operating System 



What is a cookie? 

Cookies are used practically on all websites. In some cases, Cookies are the only way to make a website work with the intention of the website. 

A cookie is a file that will be added to your computer or other device. It makes it possible to recognize your computer, and to gather information around, what pages and function that are being visited by your browser. But Cookies cannot see, who you are or what your name is, or where you live or if the computer is being used by one or by more people. It cannot spread computer virus or other harmful programs. 

This homepase uses Cookies. Read more on the Danish legislative demands around Cookies at about cookies  Cookiebekendtgørelsen 

What do we use Cookies for? 

At mlc we use Cookies for: 

  • Improving the technical functionality 
  • Number of visitors 
Reject and erase Cookies 

At anytime you can reject cookies on your computer by changing The General Application in your browser.  Where to do this depends how you individual computer is set up. If you reject it, please be aware that there are many functional and services that you can no longer use, because it requires that the website can remember the choices your make. 

All browsers allow you to erase Cookies for the individual matter or all at once. 

How to do that depends upon the browser you use. 

You can find guide to this for your browser in below links. 

Is you use more browers, you can earse Cookies in them all. Do you use a PC with a newer browser, then you can erase your Cookies by using CTRL + Shift + Delete 

What Cookies does mlc use? 

mlc use cookies for statistic and functionality – no cookies are given to third parts.

Voluntary use of information and data 

Besides what is mentioned above it is voluntary to give personal data. The admission to mlc homepage can be limited if you do not want to give information about yourself. 

Use of registered information

The information or data collected will be used for administration, making quotations, development and marketing of mlc services and products on the internet for use of customer counseling, customer service, risk accessments, engangment overviews, and invoicing. 

mlc will not pass on personal data to third parties, unless you have given permission to do so. However, mlc will allow general data as name, phone numbers, company numbers, to bank and accounting purposes. 


By contacting mlc you can get information around what data has been collected, the purpose of  collecting it and from where the data comes. If you think that mlc is not using your personal data correctly, you may contact mlc and have us correct and/or erase the use. 


mlc might contact you by email with marketing material with special offers or new concepts. If you do not want to receive any material from mlc you can contact 

mlc – merete laursen counseling
Brahesbakke 60
DK-8700 Horsens

The data accountable is Merete Laursen Counseling Aps, Brahesbakke 60, DK-8700 Horsens. 

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